Friday, January 7, 2011

You can't buy things here. We sold it already.

Unlike most of the posts on this blog, what follows is true and not exagerated at all.

 The eggs at Wal Mart were decimated.

Winter semester started and all the students went there to get new food. 

The only bread left was that crumby generic white stuff you can use if you run out of toilet paper.

Joel says to add some explanation...
Sharlene and I ran over to Walmart because we needed groceries because like everybody else here, we just got back from the Christmas break. The place was absolutely ransacked. When we got to the eggs, it was so unbelievable that I had her get her phone out and take some pictures.

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  1. This is obscene! Who do such bad things happen to such good people... and why would God allow that?